Monday, April 25, 2011

Where to buy licorice or licorice all-sorts in Jakarta?

(Tom) Hello Ladies, Do you know anywhere you can buy licorice or licorice all-sorts in Jakarta. It has some excellent healing properties, but to tell you the truth, i just like the taste of it. Licorice starved Aussie, Thanks

I'd try the Kemchicks at pacific place. I remember seeing it somewhere. Maybe one of those choc shops that sell all the lindt choc at the shopping centers. I know there's one right near Kemchicks pacific place.

Good luck.


Hi Tony,

I am not a licorice fan myself so I made a few inquiries around town. Would licorice flavored jelly beans satisfy your cravings? :) My friend, Raquel (also a personal chef should you ever need) has told me that they have black jellybeans at the Food Hall inside Pondok Indah mall near the registers. Occasionally you can find red Twizzlers at some of the Ranch Markets and Kem Chicks.

Have a great Easter!



Mary Lee said...

I was just in Ranch on Buncit Raya (near Pajatan Village Mall) this morning (9 May) and I saw bags of Gluton Free(?) Molassas Black Licorice on the top shelf in the "Sugar" section. Go get it!
Mary Lee

Anonymous said...

Hi Ask Expat Ladies,
Please tell "Tony" that I saw bags of Gluton-Free (?) Molassas Black Licorice on the top shelf of the "sugar" section of Ranch market on Buncit Raya (the mini complex with ACE and Starbucks near Pajatan Village Mall).

Mary Lee