Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Jakarta Yoga Questions

Hi, I'm new to Jakarta and I'm looking to get involved with a Yoga Studio, any kind of Yoga will do.  I like really nice studios, so I'd prefer if they were mid to upper end studios.

Also, I'm looking for ways/forums/web sites to find Yoga retreats around Indonesia.  I want to see as much of Indonesia as I can while I live here, and I like to do that while pairing my yoga hobby.  If the retreat can offer surfing as well, and a complete health and lifestyle theme - even better.  I've found one through and their facebook  page "Mahi-Mahi Surf Resort - Simeulue Island" that looks good, but before I book I wanted to ask, has anyone visited Simeulue or Mahi-Mahi Surf Resort?  Thanks for all your help!  Hope I can get some good insight into Indonesia and Jakarta yoga!


Hi Nathan,

Welcome to Jakarta!

Unfortunately I have not been nor knew anyone who has been to mahi mahi resort Island.
But I do go to yoga regularly, there is a lot of yoga studious in Jakarta so it really depends on where you live.

I myself live in South Jakarta so I can recommend you my favorite yoga studio which is Bikram 42. They offer different classes like anti gravity, hot barre, hot yoga etc. They have 2 locations one in in Kemang Lippo mall and one is in Senayan
Their website is It is middle-upper class. I love their organic kitchen too. (at least the one in Lippo mall Kemang)

And the other one is SOUL BOX which is located in SCBD area.
This is middle and upper class more on leaning towards upper class. Very nice studio.

From these 2 places I am sure you will meet a lot of yogis and instructors who could recommend or introduce more communities to you.

Good luck and Namaste. :)


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Tennis in Jakarta

Hi , I'm new to Jakarta and am finding it hard to find ladies tennis , I'm looking to playing social doubles throughout the week ( need a partner ) or on Sunday's with my husband as partner ?? Any suggestions would be great . I can only find " Men's competitions " . Thanks Karen

Hi Karen,
Welcome to Jakarta! 
The women associations usually have tennis play dates either weekly or once a month. 
Try to inquire in BWA British women association, ANZA Australian New Zealand women association, AWA American women association etc. 
You can all look this up in Google using the "women association in Jakarta."
Also there are tennis coaches in Kemang Club Villa, Pondok Indah sports club and ISCI International. Sports club of indonesia. 

You can also check this site for more options:
Hope this helps. Good luck and all the best! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wellness, Detox, Rejuvenation nearby Jakarta

Hay ladies,

I have twice been on five and seven day retreats for weight loss, detox, some spiritual rejuvenation and total cleansing. No food seven days, purely hydration, colon cleansing etc, resulting in dramatic  weight loss and good conditioning. But Ione was in Ubud and one in Thailand and I just dint have the time to travel.
Is there anywhere maybe like Bandung or nearer where a five day retreat is possible?

Please let me know if you have any ideas


Dear Tim, 

We can suggest you to try Javana Spa at Bandung

Have great trip,
Lara & Tina

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rental services for party in Jakarta


I am looking to rent some glasses/small plates and a large tent /canopy for my back yard for a party we are having.  Any suggestions to what company may be able to help with that please.

Thank you, 


Dear Cathy, 
I usually use Catelia decoration. 
15 Jl. Ampera raya (beside Rock and roll cafe?) 
They can speak some English too. I suggest that you visit their shop. You can see their supplies which are not expensive as well their album which have photos of their tents and past events photos for samples. 

Or you can use catering company, check this listing -


Monday, January 26, 2015

Tailor recommendation in Jakarta

Hi Lara and Tina,

Can you recommend a couple of tailors in Jakarta who can make women’s clothes from a picture and who have reasonable English?

Also do you know somewhere where you can find fabrics for women’s clothes that are more for day wear? I’ve found lots of fabrics for evening wear but not for day time.

Thank you so much for your help.

Kind regards,
Ros Fraser

Hi Ros.

Thank you for your inquiry.

For seamstress:

               Yanny is great for all things formal.  You can find her at Jl Nipah 12 No. 2B, Kebayoran Baru at 7253 835.

               Pupun has been around for many years.  I myself have used her for over 13 years.  You should provide your own fabric.  Her shop is located in Kemang at Jl Pejaten Barat I/37.  Ph:  719 6810.  It’s a small side street                but you will see her sign and will need to walk in from the street.

One final tip:  If you have a deadline for items you are having made, add about a 1-2 week advance window to that date depending on the complexity of the clothing.  This will avoid any last minute disasters.

For fabric shopping:

Did you check out
               Mayestik?  Alta Moda on Fatmawati near Lotto or Tanah Abang?

               Mayestik: Jl Tebah III Los AKS Gunung, Kebayoran Baru.
               Alta Moda: Plasa Golden Komplek, Block B 1-2 /  This store does cater more to high end fabrics but some shops around in the same Kompleks have a variety of every day material.
               Tanah Abang: Jl KH Mas Mansyur, Jakarta PUsat

Hope all of the above tips are useful.

Lara Vaccar-Nemalceff
Senior Orientation Coordinator / Inbound Consultant
Santa Fe Relocation Services Indonesia


Hairdresser in Jakarta?

Hi Lara and Tina,

I am looking for a hairdresser in Jakarta who can do light blonde tints. I have been going to ALFONS SALON but they can only seem to manage bleach and it is killing my hair.

Many thanks,
Ros Fraser

Hi Ros,

Sorry to hear about your experience with Alfons.  If you are going to the Panglima Polim location I would recommend you only use the head stylist, Roberto or head assistant/hairdresser, Indro.  If someone else is doing your tints there, ask to speak directly to Roberto and explain that you are unhappy with the results.

Here are some additional suggestions for you to try:

Feliz Salon
Cilandak Tengah 3
Jakarta Selatan 765 6525

Nikki’s Salon
Jl Kemang Raya No. 47A
719 2917

KMD Hair Salon (book only with Anthony)
Kristal Hotel
Jl Terogong Raya No. 1
758 18027

Good luck!

Lara Vaccar-Nemalceff
Senior Orientation Coordinator / Inbound Consultant
Santa Fe Relocation Services Indonesia

Dear Ros,
The salons that Lara recommended to you are the best salons that I know too but for additional option You can visit Mi Casa salon located at 17 Jalan benda st. Tel. No.
021 7806222. Most of my German friends goes there. I recommend Herman the stylist.
Hope that helps!

- Tina

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Meditation group in Jakarta?

HI—do you know of any expat-oriented meditation groups that meet somewhere near the Central Business District.  Preferred flavor of meditation is mindfulness.  Others may be fine as well. 

Also, whether you knew of any groups with instructors in Tai Chi. 

Thanks for any guidance you may have.

Kind regards,


Dear Mark,

Maybe your try Soul Box ?
LEVEL 3 FAIRGROUNDS LOT 14 SCBD KAV 52-53, Jakarta, Indonesia 12190
Located in SCBD Jakarta SOULBOX offers an alternative to the boring, mundane and time-consuming fitness regime.
+62 21 514 00 030

Tina & Lara