Sunday, June 8, 2014

Do you have any suggestions on hair salons in Jakarta?

Good morning Lara and Tina. Do you have any suggestions on hair salons in Jakarta (I’m in south Jakarta but am happy to travel) who are expert in light blonde foils? I have been into dozens of hair salons and have seen some with dark blonde/light brown colouring but none that carry light blonde colouring. Many thanks, Ros F.

Hi Ros, I have used Roberto at Alfons salon for almost 13 years now.
 Please ask for him directly and tell him we sent you! 

Dear Rose,

I have 2 blonde girlfriends and Ty both go to Nikki's  salon in Kemang raya. T. 021 7192917

It is owned by a Scottish woman and most expatriates go there. They speak English as well. And as Lara said I also recommend going to Alfons. Goodluck! 


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Anonymous said...

CHeck out Sense Salon & Spa. Cozy place in Duren tiga raya, very close to kemang. Good parking as well .