Sunday, April 14, 2013

Relocating to Jakarta Questions

Hi Lara & Tina--

 I am looking at a move to Jakarta this winter from the US, and am trying to digest housing options. I'd consider quality of life to be my highest priority, and hope to be amid English-speaking expats (am not fluent in any other language). Based on what i can discern from web searches, I've narrowed my search to CBD/Golden Triangle area, and South Jakarta--perhaps Kemang Village--but maybe I am missing something here. I'm 46 YO male and am looking for an upscale residential tower, with lots of activity (dining, socializing, etc) in the immediate/walkable area.  Will have a car and driver to help me deal with commuting. Any insight you can give would be greatly appreciated! ED

 Hi Ed,
I would suggest you to go for Kemang Village apartment or Kemang area. It's expats area and everything walk-about (dining, socializing, etc). We can properly guide you, we'll need to know what your housing budget it. Please email usdirectly with those confidential details at:Waiting to hear from you,

Lara Vaccar-Nemalceff
Senior Orientation Coordinator / Inbound Consultant
Santa Fe Relocation Services IndonesiaEmail:

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