Monday, December 3, 2012

Art School for teen and maid in Jakarta?

Hello! We are "just arrived newbies" , your blog has plenty of useful information. Please advise
 1) Good art classes for kinds 8 to 12 years old?
 2) Where to register for a maid here? Urgently need one Many thanks

 Dear Sanjukta, Welcome to Jakarta! For your inquiries here are a couple of recommendations:
 1. For Art classes: I personally recommend Hadripana Art school. I take my art classes there as well. They have courses for children and Adults. They have branches in Kemang (South Jakarta) and Menteng (Central Jakarta). Just to give you an idea, for children acrylic classes they charge 680,000 rp.for 8 classes in a month. Each class last for 2 hours. Schedule: Mon: 3-5 pm Tues: 1.30 3.30 pm Wed. 4-6 pm Thur: 3-5 pm Fri: 2-4 and 4-6 pm Weekends: 9 am -3pm You can also check out their website to learn more:

 2. For staff hiring: -Please register at an online classified ads/Craig’s list, there you will find quite a handful of information about household helps or visit JICC again. They are open from Monday to Saturday until 12 noon. Staff interview are every Mondays and Tuesdays 8 to 10 am. *JICC (Jakarta International Community Center) Jl Kemang Dalam X No. E6A, Kemang Phone: (62 21) 7179-2813 Email: / Note: Please check wit JICC too as sometimes they offer art classes too. I hope this info will help you and your family settle in quickly here in Jakarta! Good luck!
 Cheers, Tina and Lara

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