Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where can I get authentic affordable Indonesian home furnishing?

Hi, I'm Malaysian and am going to Jakarta for the Lebaran holidays. WHere can I get authentic affordable Indonesian home furnishing? Jasmine

Hi Jasmine, 
Kemang Timur or anywhere in Kemang has a wealth of affordable furniture shopping. You can try at
CV Jaya on Kemang Raya. Kemang Raya 78A 62 21 719 2878
 LIO Gallery in Kemang (costlier but lovely items) Jl Kemang Timur No 50 62 21 718 0501
 Confetti Jl Kemang Timur No 27A 62 21 7179 2024
 Asiatica Jl Kemang Raya 41 62 21 719 3260
 Klots Jl Kemang Timur No 48 62 21 7179 1827
Plan on making frequent stops on Kemang Timur. I don't recommend you actually walk down the street but you can hop out of the car as there are dozens of art shops and furniture galleries up and down each side of the road. Do barter and another little tip, occasionally my driver has better luck than I with the bartering so if I see something I like and cannot get the price I'm keen on, he'll go in a bit later and they will generally give it to him. :) I'll tip him about 20,000 - 50,000 IDR depending on the amount of the purchase. If large purchase (over 2 million) then I'll give him 100,000 IDR.

 Happy Shopping!! Kelly & Lara

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