Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Recommendations for salons that do eyelash extensions

Hi Kelly and Lara,
Thanks for your invaluable blog!

Just wondering if you had any recommendations for salons that do eyelash extensions (gluing individual lashes onto one's natural lashes?).
I know that Browhaus in Senayan City does it, and I've seen signs up at salons elsewhere but I'd like to know if there are specific places that you know do a good job?
Thanks! PD


You can try Alfons Salon. Call first to request specific appointment for this particular service. Thus far I've heard good things about the extensions and they charge approximately 300,000 IDR. Takes about 1.5 hours for full set.

Their number is:

021 722 0416.


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john rogger said...

we at Browhaus Singapore also believe in inducing a state of fashion that goes towards the end delivery of style.