Sunday, February 12, 2012


Hello Kelly and Lara,
I've just moved to Jakarta with my partner. I am looking for good
organisations to volunteer with, however I am having trouble finding
relevant organisations online. I have emailed Australian organisations
with a presence here but so far have no leads. I have a background in
gender issues and so would like to work with women's equity or health
organisations. Where do I start? Can you possibly recommend any
women's organisations or social equity umbrella organisations that can
point me in the right direction?

Thank you

I know there are plenty of NGO's here in Jakarta but not sure who would be best to contact. I'll ask around for you.

If you wanted to volunteer on a smaller scale you could go thru the social welfare divisions of the women's associations who are involved with local hands in projects that include orphanages, under privilege schools, etc. they are usually happy to have a helping hand.

Try British women's Association, Anza or American women's assoc. or try contacting your embassy to see if they have an aid project that you can get involved in.

Will get back to you when I get some more info.


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