Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where to Buy Wine and European Cheese in Jakarta

( Win) Hi Kelly & Lara,
Would you please recommend us for shop to buy Wine and European cheese in Jakarta.
Many thanks, Win

(Kelly & Lara)
Dear Winarto, you can fine the shop list by visit : http://www.whatsnewjakarta.com/web3/event/GuideList.php?cboGroup=29
You can also try Kem Chicks in Kemang area which has a walk in freezer of a fine assortment of cheeses. Also at Kem Chicks they have a decent assortment of imported wines. You can also try VIN in Kemang which imports a wide variety of wines but those can be a bit pricey. If you are looking for something in particular you can often times request such and they will locate for you. Another source you can try is Johan 720-3459. Most of the grocery stores have cheeses as well but that is a hit and miss thing. Good luck!!
Happy Shopping!


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